Cyberlink Power Director 9 + key

  Pusing-Pusing nyari Software ini nihh Buatt Editing Video akhirnya Ketemu juga ,Mungkin agan-agan Udah Pada Tau Tentang Software yang satu ini ,nihh ada sedikit Pencerahan Bagi yang Belum Tau .
     Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 merupakan salah satu software yang diproduksi oleh Cyberlink yang dapat kita gunakan untuk mengedit sebuah video yang dirancang dengan teknologi baru untuk membuat sebuah video dengan kualitas tinggi secara cepat,

 Adapun Fitur Terbarunya Yaitu Sebagai Berikut:
• Timeline
   * Add up to 100 video and audio tracks to the timeline.
   * Linked video and audio tracks when video files with audio are added.
   * Option to unlink a video's audio for ease of editing or movement on the timeline.
   * Complete editing freedom on the timeline with the absence of a master video track.
   * Less restrictions on which tracks you can add media clips too.
   * Group media clips together for ease of movement on the timeline.
   * Customize track names so they are easy to identify in the timeline.
   * Reorder video tracks using a simple click and drag process.
• Grid lines
   * Up to 10x10 grid lines available for more precise placement of media during the editing process.
Video effects
   * More precise control of your video effects, with the two available edit modes: Clip Mode and Keyframe Mode.
• Transitions
   * Apply transitions between media clips on all video tracks, or on a single clip.
   * More customizable transitions, with the option to select between the overlapping and cross transition styles.
• Particle Designer
   * Use keyframes for more precision control of particle behavior when adding particle effects to your video project.
• WaveEditor
   * Record, trim, cut, enhance, and add effects to audio on the timeline of your project using the CyberLink WaveEditor program.
• Previewing content
   * Preview your video production in an HD or Full HD preview resolution.
   * Select a range of media on the timeline and then render an instant preview with Render Preview to get a better feel of a specific scene.
• Output to device
   * Output your video project to a video format that is compatible with a number of popular mobile phones and other portable devices.
• Output audio
   * Output only the audio of your project in the WMA, WAV, or M4A format.
Create Disc
• Burn to removable disk
   * Burn your video projects to a removable disk in the AVCHD format.
• CPU/GPU optimization
   * CyberLink PowerDirector is optimized with the latest technology to provide performance gains during the rendering and playback of HD video content.

  #catatan: Support untuk yang 64 bit
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